New year, new blog!

It's official this time: I'm merging all of my content from my three previous blogs together into one new blog as of 2016, and you can find everything you love from here and more over at mattwins.blogspot.com

Thanks for the support viewers, look forward to new updates there in the future!


Some new old pics!

Singled CPVC Longshot

Mega Missile air tank integrated into a Recon shell

It's probably clear by now that I haven't done anything with this blog in forever.  Sorry I disappointed all my loyal fans, I know you were upset ;)

Anyway, I found a bunch of pictures of blasters, modded and unmodded, that I never got around to doing a full writeup for and decided to share them anyway.



Ultimate Missile Blast - Even more mods

          After modding the UMB to have the capability to use any attachment with great range, I wanted to give it an attachment that would let it reach its full potential.


Buzz Bee Ultimate Missile Blast Mod and Review

     The successor to the Big Blast, the Ultimate Missile Blast had a lot to live up to.  Unfortunately, this blaster has really been largely ignored on the whole and can be made into a fantastic, powerful blaster.  Read on to find out how.


More PVC Bows!

          Following the creation of my first experimental PVC bow, which was a somewhat complicated design that fired Nerf darts, I wanted to expand on that and make more, better bows.  I made two others over the course of a few months after the original.


Darts, darts, darts. (and discs :)

          Over time, many types of foam projectiles have evolved from the original suction cup dart.  These all have different, but similar purposes and properties.  Read on to find out more...


Jolt mods and elevation sight mod

     I've already reviewed the Jolt and explained how great it is, not that you haven't heard it before anyway.  But everything can be better, right...


Switch Shot mod

     With the Nite-Finder so readily available, not to mention all the other single shot spring pistols on the market, the Switch Shot seems somewhat pointless if you discount the Wii gaming aspect of it.  In the case that you already do own a Switch Shot, however, it is quite possibly a step above the others.



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