Super Soaker XP 95 Review

     The Super Soaker XP is a very old water blaster from 1995.  I'm impressed that it still works.


Nite Finder Mod

     The Nite-Finder has countless modifications you can do, and all are fairly easy.


Big Salvo Review and Mod

     The Big Salvo is a rare blaster and may be hard to find, but is worth it if you can find it.


Nerf I.Q. Quiz

     Think you truly know everything about Nerf?  Put your knowledge to the test!  This extensive I.Q. quiz covers topics from Nerf basics to classic Nerf blasters to Nerf games to mods.


Reflex IX-1 Review

The Nerf Reflex Ix-1

    The Reflex is a pretty simple single shot spring pistol.  It's compact size makes it seem like an ideal backup blaster.  Is it?


Six Shooter Shootout

     The title says it all.  This is the final definitive comparison between two bitter rivals in the Nerf blaster world.  They are always compared.  Everyone takes a side.  There is no middle ground.  This post will settle the age long debate once and for all eternity.


A Nerfy Song

     One day I just had a random idea while messing around with a Maverick and it built into this very unique song.  I actually made it a while ago but only recently realized I should share it.  Sorry the sound quality isn't the best, it got a little worse when I uploaded it.  Enjoy, and make sure to watch for the epic RF20 solo ;)

Buzz Bee Tek 6 Review

     The Buzz Bee Tek 6 is often criticized for being ugly, uncomfortable, weak, impossible to mod, and a waste of money overall.  I disagree and actually prefer the Tek 6 to its direct competitor, the Maverick.  Here's why.


Vortex Proton Review

     I was very interested in Nerf's new Vortex series when I first found out about them.  However, I didn't necessarily want to spend $25 on a Praxis or double that on the Nitron, so I decided on the Proton, the smallest Vortex blaster.  Did it live up to the hype?  Read more to find out.

(Almost) All types of N-Strike clips

     Just something neat, I have a picture here of 4 types of N-Strike clips.  From left to right: Custom 4-round mini-clip, standard 6 round, 18 round drum, 18 round clip.  I think I still have a Raider 35-round drum hidden somewhere.