Nerf Maverick Mods

     My modifications to the Nerf Maverick.  Some old, some new, all good.

     I did three mods to my Mav.
1  Roulette mod
2  Penny mod
3  Seal improvement

     The first is a simple and common mod that makes it easier to reload and adds awesome points.  The roulette mod involves cutting off two small tabs, one on the arm the chamber swings out on, and one on the blaster itself.  Cutting them off and sanding the surfaces flat will allow the barrels to swing out much further.

     The second mod is also very simple and commonly performed and involves placing 3 pennies behind the spring.  This will increase the springs compression and boost ranges by 5-10 feet.

     The third mod is one that I didn't follow any instructions on.  Instead, I simply put 2 layers of tape over the part where the plunger makes contact with the barrels.  Then I cut a hole in the center to allow air to flow from the plunger.  If the hole is too small it will restrict airflow, harming performance.  If the hole is too large, air may escape through the sides and there will be little benefit from performing the mod.  Doing the roulette mod first will be the only way to really get to the plunger to do this modification.

     So there you have it.  With these 3 simple mods you can make your blaster easier to reload, cooler, and have ~15 feet better range.


  1. I tried to mod my maverick once, and the metal peg that went through the cylinder of the gun didnt go back in all the way. I tried everything to fix it but it didn't do anything. I hated my maverick anyway, that's i wanted to mod it.

  2. Hmm, that's odd. For my mods I didn't even need to remove the peg, but I have modded others and the peg went back in fine.

  3. good mods. did you remove the ristrictors?

  4. No, I didn't want to take out restrictors due to the Maverick's tendency to not advance the barrels. (results in restrictor-less dryfires - bad for durability)

    I also took the restrictors out of one before and for some reason it didn't seal after removing the deadspace.

    I may try gluing the slip clutch sometime, I have heard it increases reliability. If so, I might give restrictor removal another go.