Delta Trooper

     The Alpha Trooper is a great blaster stock, but it could be even better.  After several previous mods, I modified the stock and it became even better.

Internal Mods

     I didn't want to do that much internally because it gets good stock performance and more power would make it less accurate and risk damaging the plunger or boltsled.

     The only internal mod I did for power was adding some precompression to the spring for a little more power.

     I also drilled a hole in the back of the black piece that contains the plunger for more airflow.

     I also took out one of the safeties that allows you to only put in a clip when the bolt is back.  Now clips can be inserted halfway, making reloads easier.

     I also attached an Airsoft sight, which was actually the one from the Crosman R39.  It actually lines up with the front sight and due to the fact that it it higher than the front sight it means the blaster is angled when using the sights and it is actually pretty accurate.

     As is most obvious in the pictures, I heavily modified the stock.  I didn't like the way the Recon stock stored the clips or how flimsy it was.  This mod fixed both, and made it more comfortable and unique looking.

     First I simply sawed off the bottom half of the Recon buttplate.  I then cut out a tab on both sides of the Longshot stock that get in the way of installing the Recon stock.  Then, with the Longshot stock in two pieces I layered cardboard around the Recon stock until it is very difficult to push the Longshot stock sides around it.  Then put the screws back in as tightly as possible, adding or removing cardboard as needed.  If you wanted, you probably could glue it too, but mine actually didn't need any.  I added some extra cardboard spacers as well to keep it all straight.

     Also done to the stock was CPVC added around the flimsy plastic bars.  I cut a notch running the whole length of a piece of 1/2" CPVC the exact same length as the grey bar it will be covering.  I fit them around the existing bars and wrapped them in duct tape to cover the notch.  After all this the stock is extremely sturdy, particularly compared to what it was before.  It also can hold 2 clips, but one isn't in the best spot and I usually wouldn't use it anyway.

     Overall this mod was pretty easy but has some really cool and unique results.  Ranges have a minimal improvement of 5 - 10 feet, but accuracy is improved, clip storage is improved, looks are improved, comfort is improved, and the overall effect is much nicer than a stock Trooper without risk of damaging internals or the price of buying parts.  Depending on the situation, my primary will either be my Berserker or this.


  1. Great idea to use the longshot stock on the recon stock!

  2. Nice mod there. Love what you did to the stock. 3 clips now? awesome :)

  3. epic great job!
    i can just only mod a nitefinder
    Could you post how to mod different nerf guns internally?

  4. Do you want pictures or explanations? I already have a bunch of mods up, I just don't like to take them apart again and some I actually can't. I'd recommend for you to try my Maverick mods if you are at that level, they are pretty easy


    Also, if you want to look at all the mods I have posted look in Navigation here


    I have done at least twice as many mods as I have posted here, I just haven't uploaded most and some mods either weren't worth posting or I already sold the blaster.

    I have several mods I can make a writeup for soon. These are:
    PAS couplered
    Longshot lv 1 modded
    Longshot singled
    Secret Strike pistolized
    Mega Missle couplered
    Big Bad Bow modularized
    And more...

    Leave a comment if you have a preference for which I should write up next. Any input is appreciated.

  5. I might not be posting for a couple more days as I have been busy improving other parts of the site.

    These include:

    Updating the Navigation page

    Writing up the Performance part of the review for the CYMA Ak47

    Adding a section for video game reviews (written by my friend)

    Responding to comments

    Adding some blasters to "Best Blasters of all time" list

    Anyway, leave comments suggesting which mods or reviews I should write up next.

  6. i would do it in this order

    1.Secret Strike pistolized

    2.Longshot singled

    3.Big Bad Bow modularized