Six Shooter Shootout

     The title says it all.  This is the final definitive comparison between two bitter rivals in the Nerf blaster world.  They are always compared.  Everyone takes a side.  There is no middle ground.  This post will settle the age long debate once and for all eternity.

     On one hand we have the Maverick.  It is the most popular blaster in the history of all foam warfare and believes that title is its for the keeping.

     On the other side we have the underdog, the Tek 6, always being picked on for being ugly and a waste.  However, it may have a hidden side many Nerfers have never seen before.

     Maverick Pros
Easy to find and use
Easy to modify

     Maverick Cons
Big for a pistol
Low power

     Tek 6 Pros
Very low price
Decent power
Can use any darts
Reloading on the go

     Tek 6 Cons
Kinda ugly
Almost no mod potential

Now we progress to individual categories to see exactly what makes one better than the other.

  The Maverick is usually somewhat weak and ranges vary between the units.
  The Tek 6 has decent ranges right in the average 30 - 35 feet.
     Winner - Tek 6

  It is the Maverick's greatest weakness and will skip many shots or jam.
  The Tek 6 is very reliable and basically never jams.
     Winner - Tek 6

     Mod Potential
  The Maverick has a host of mods such as the penny mod and Roulette mod.
  The Tek 6 has almost no mod potential.
     Winner - Maverick

  The Maverick is right up there with all the other N-Strike blasters in being quite comfortable.
  The Tek 6 has a little stub of a handle and an oddly shaped priming handle.
     Winner - Maverick

  The Maverick isn't super awesome but it's a good looking revolver.
  The Tek 6 is rather ugly and lame.
     Winner - Maverick

  The Maverick is a bit large.  It isn't a huge problem but isn't the greatest.
  The Tek 6 is basically as compact a 6-shot revolver as is possible.
     Winner - Tek 6

  Reloading the Maverick isn't bad.  Its swing out chamber is nice but doesn't help that much.
  Reloading the T6 is easy.  It has 6 open front barrels that you stick darts into.
     Winner - Tek 6

     Price Point
  The Maverick comes in at an affordable $10
  The Tek 6 costs half that.
      Winner - Tek 6

     The battle of the ages is over.  One lays defeated while the other triumphs, but it is a narrow victory.  Some may even say that it wasn't a victory at all and that it wasn't deserved.  Few anticipated that the victor would be the Tek 6.


  1. Thats True i hate my maverick

  2. A note about the Tek 6 - when reloading you don't leave yourself vulnerable because you can leave it cocked and loaded.
    With the Maverick the flip out barrel results in leaving yourself without any shots when you reload, because the barrel is not locked in firing position.

  3. Agreed, and the open barrels mean reloading is faster in general.