Nerf Titan Modification

     My Titan modification is an extremely versatile modification and is one of my favorites.

     The Nerf Titan is famous in the modding community for it's huge air tank and great power.  I had previously modified my Titan and didn't love it.  I was planning on selling it just for lack of other use.  Then I found out it had broken in storage.  I was a little upset, but then realized it could be so much better.  So I got to work.  My new mod is very direct in air delivery and is extremely durable and can use any 1/2" PVC barrel attachment.
     First you should remove the huge orange Titan rocket attachment from the front.  Then you should carefully sand from the inside of the barrel until 1/2" CPVC fits snugly inside.  Cut a section of 1/2" CPVC around 2-3" long and fit it into the barrel with some hot glue or other glue around it.  Cut a 1" long section of 1/2" PVC and sand out the inside until it fits snugly over the 1/2" CPVC.  Hammer it onto the barrel, and hammer on a 1/2" PVC coupler on the end afterwards.  If done right it will be a compact and strong permanent attachment on the end of the Titan.  Now your Titan will be able to take any 1/2" PVC barrel attachment.
     So far this mod has had great success.  The hopper and RSCB both work well, but my favorite attachment is my super breech.  It makes it a great long range rifle and very accurate.  This mod makes your Titan extremely versatile and isn't too hard to do either.  I would recommend this mod to anyone wanting a clean and versatile way to modify their Titan.


  1. Thats alot of pvc!!!

  2. Not really. Most modders will have all of these types of PVC already and will only need a couple of inches of each kind in this mod. It is a lot of PVC to make barrel attachments, but PVC is cheap anyway.

  3. Hey I was wondering how powerful it is and how far does it launch darts! I Don't need exact ^_^

  4. Very powerful. Distance however, depends on a whole lot of variables. Here you can see all of my barrel attachments.


    Singled with my breech I've gotten 100+ feet out of streamlines but they usually curve in some crazy direction and hit the ground far before they are out of energy.

    My stefans don't really have enough weight and they often go 50-80 feet simply because of air resistance and lack of momentum. However, I have shot streamlines through cardboard boxes, so the power is definitely there.

    The barrel plays the largest role here. With a 3' long PETG barrel ranges would probably be insane. With a 3 inch CPVC barrel ranges are probably closer to 50 feet, but that is very inefficient.

    My triple barrel attachment shoots roughly 45', and my 7 shot absolved shoots closer to 30'.

    Overall, I can't give a completely exact number, but the power is way more than you will need. Hopefully...

    1. why wouldn't you use 17/32 brass for the barrel?

  5. You could, but blasters with airtanks get optimal performance from long loose barrels. Plus brass is expensive and I don't have any ;)