Reflex IX-1 Review

The Nerf Reflex Ix-1

    The Reflex is a pretty simple single shot spring pistol.  It's compact size makes it seem like an ideal backup blaster.  Is it?

     I have found ranges to be in the wide range of 15 - 30 feet.  Most darts fell in at 25 feet, putting this tiny blaster at a little below average ranges.  It's not bad for its size.

     An obvious issue with a blaster this odd looking is ergonomics.  Surprisingly, they're pretty good for the 3rd smallest Nerf blaster ever.  I'd say it is more comfortable than the Secret Strike for sure.

     There isn't that much to say about accuracy.  It's a Nerf blaster.  They all have similar accuracy unless they use streamlines, which this doesn't.

     How concealable would it be as a backup?  It is pretty small, but a Secret Strike or Jolt would definitely be easier to hide in a pocket.

The Bottom Line


     Not so good ranges
     A Jolt is so much better

Summary:  Overall it isn't bad, and I would take this over a Secret Strike any day.  However, with the superior Jolt now out, I would go with that given the chance.

Overall Score:  ****


  1. Hey I just started reading your blog :D. I'll be around for a while i'll go by the name F4stF0rw4rd-> keep on crankin out the mods!!!

  2. Where do you get this gun, because i can't find it where i live.

  3. It is pretty hard to find, I got mine for $5 at the Christmas Tree Shop but haven't seen it anywhere else.
    I don't think it's really worth hunting down, just buy a Jolt if you can.

  4. Sweet i was thinking about that too if i couldn't find a reflex.