Homemade PVC bow

     It's not often that I make homemades, but this one I felt was worth mention.

Note:  Since making this bow, I have made not one, but two more!  Read about them >here<

     My bow is based off the Snap MicroBow but I made some shortcuts.  I couldn't find several of the pieces in Lowes or Home Depot and had to make do with what I had.  It didn't turn out like I expected, but isn't half bad either.

     Ranges are generally around 40 feet.  I was pretty disappointed by that, but it's enough and still more than most stock blasters get.

     It holds seven or eight Stefans in the RSCB mounted on the side.  It can take streamlines too, but unless the streamlines are unusually thin they will take two shots to fire, and it can only hold four streamlines anyway.

     The worst part is that because I couldn't obtain the part for the joint where the plunger tube and T join, it is held together with duct tape and glue.  It wobbles a lot and probably leaks a whole lot of air.  Looking back on it I could have done better but my excitement had died down by that point.  I actually finished it about a year ago but never posted about it.

     It feels really good to use and is comfortable with an easy draw.  I really like the feel of the draw with the bow arms.  It moves much smoother than any spring.  I may have to make more mods with bow arms.

     It ended up costing only about $15 which is pretty good.  It is really fun but not very practical.  I would have preferred to have found the actual parts which would have made it much more durable and airtight, but for what I had, it'll do and it's worth it for the fun.

Hope you enjoyed my review and work here!  This has been one of the most popular posts on my blog and I owe it to you viewers!

I'm no longer working on this blog but I'm leaving it up as a reference - I've merged all content from this blog and two others, as well as all my new content, to <<my new blog>> and it would be awesome if you'd check it out there too!  You guys rock, enjoy the free wisdom and stuff. 


  1. Awesome ive wanted to do this but i dont know how and what pvc/cpvc to get! Again good job and keep on moddin

  2. Thanks, and the full writeup is in the link near the beginning of the post. That includes the parts and instructions. Just a warning that some parts aren't the easiest to find. It isn't that hard to make, really. It's just hard to make well ;)

  3. The link says that the post is offline

  4. Portal, sorry if it didn't come across clearly but it has a 7-shot RSCB on the side. If you don't know how that works, it's a bit like a hopper clip in that you tilt it down for the next dart to fall into the back of the barrel.

    imodify, the link is working fine for me but I'll reload it anyway to see if I can help.

    Sincerely, Blaster Mods and More