Jolt mods and elevation sight mod

     I've already reviewed the Jolt and explained how great it is, not that you haven't heard it before anyway.  But everything can be better, right...

     I did three mods to this blaster to improve it.  First, I removed the dart post so it can fire streamlines and stefan darts.  I also sanded off the bumpy parts on the handguard.  If you have small hands they're helpful, otherwise they can be a little cramped.

     The most interesting mod was to make my own elevation sight.  It is essentially a piece of cardboard.  But it works very well.

     If you don't know how an elevation sight works, you align the front sight with different markings on the rear sight based on the distance from the target.  So the higher up the front sight, the steeper the angle, the further the shot travels.

     This works great for Nerf applications because the darts fall so quickly - but predictably.  After making the basic cardboard cutout, I measured out ranges of 10, 20, and 30 feet.  I shot at each of those ranges with several darts, averaged the angle I held it at and marked it down.

     The end result worked perfectly.  If you know the range, are using a good dart and are firing at a target at shoulder height, this is fantastically accurate for a Nerf blaster.

     Of course, this isn't usually the case.  Most likely you haven't measured the distance to the target, (or the target/person is moving) or your dart is either better/worse than average, or there is wind to mess up horizontal accuracy.  But even in these cases, accuracy is always more precise than it would be without the sights.

     Overall, this was a very fun experiment that turned out to be surprisingly effective.  You could make one  for any blaster you want to increase accuracy beyond normal levels for basically no cost at all.


  1. Umm. The Jolt COULD fire streamlines even in stock form.

  2. Having had it modded for a while by the time I had written this, I had somewhat forgotten. I'm not sure, but I believe the dart post still held back the streamline from going in 100%, which it can do if you take out the post.

    tldr: The Jolt could indeed fire streamlines before but now it's a bit better because they can go in all the way.