Ultimate Missile Blast - Even more mods

          After modding the UMB to have the capability to use any attachment with great range, I wanted to give it an attachment that would let it reach its full potential.

          If you haven't already read the first part of the mods I did to this blaster, you should read that first.

          With those simple mods I could get outstanding ranges and a half decent rate of fire, but I simply wanted more.  Using a hopper clip I could shoot five darts in a row, but even though it never really jammed, hoppers just aren't my thing.  So instead I went with installing the hopper clip's brother, the RSCB.  It really has about the same capabilities, but runs flush with the blaster instead of sticking up, is sturdier and a little more aesthetically pleasing overall.

          As far as usefulness, the RSCB provides a few main advantages and disadvantages over a hopper.  It is lower profile and stronger, as I already mentioned, and is a bit more reliable.  Also, it provides a pretty comfortable foregrip in this case, and allowed me to mount sights on it.  On the downside, it has a bit more deadspace and I need to tilt the blaster down after every shot (which I do anyway when pumping).

          As you can see in the picture above, my RSCB holds exactly 5 Stefans or 3 Streamline darts.  It feeds all consistently, and despite increasing deadspace near the end of each mag, fires all shots with equal power.  I am curious as to how accuracy will be with the new Elite darts compared to normal streamlines.  I should get to test that soon.

          One other unique feature that I am now adding to more of my blasters after originally having the idea for a Jolt is adding cardboard sights to blasters.  Yes, this is very ghetto, but extremely effective.  Unlike my Jolt's sights, I opted for a simpler, non-elevation sight setup.  As this blaster can take different types of darts, or shoot with different amounts of pumps, I decided it wouldn't be worth figuring out all the variables.  Nonetheless, it is surprisingly accurate and effective.  This makes hitting anyone at 50' or less a piece of cake.

          Aside from the sights, the above picture shows how I attached the RSCB.  I decided to make it semi-permanent instead of attached only to the coupler.  I layered a few strips of cardboard between the blaster and RSCB to create pressure pushing the RSCB away from the blaster.  Then I wrapped duct tape around the RSCB and blaster to create opposite pressure, effectively locking it in place.  The only downside to this is that now removing the RSCB would take significantly longer if I wanted to switch barrel attachments for some reason.

          All in all, these mods significantly increased the overall effectiveness of this blaster and only needed some PVC, cardboard and duct tape.  Like all good mods  :)

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