Switch Shot mod

     With the Nite-Finder so readily available, not to mention all the other single shot spring pistols on the market, the Switch Shot seems somewhat pointless if you discount the Wii gaming aspect of it.  In the case that you already do own a Switch Shot, however, it is quite possibly a step above the others.

     How, you might ask?  The Switch Shot costs twice as much as the Nite-Finder.  And three times as much as the Jolt.  Is it better proportionate to the cost?  No.  But it is, in my opinion, just a hair nicer than your average Nite-Finder.  Here's why:

  • More comfortable
  • More interesting design
  • Completely useless sights that are still a nice touch
  • Crisp sound when firing
  • Higher stock ranges
  • Less screws = faster to mod
  • Very accurate
     Alright, so it's mostly cosmetic improvements, but they are noticeable, particularly when comparing the feel of the two side by side.  However, a couple of the points are certainly worth noting.  The part you take apart to get to the internals only has 4 screws.  You can't get much better than that.  Also, it is very accurate when compared to other blasters.  Don't ask why.

     By now you're probably wondering about the mod.  So here are the (fairly simple) mods I did:
  • Wrapped hole in the barrel with Electrical Tape for better seal
  • Added an O-ring and greased plunger tube for better seal and less friction
  • Put three rubber bands around the plunger rod (secured by a screw)
     These easy mods increased ranges from the decent 35' stock to around 50'.  Not bad.  And it's still very accurate.  The seal is so good that by putting my finger over the barrel I can stop the plunger completely.  Also, as I didn't bother to remove the AR, which was glued in, the blaster is still relatively quiet.

     Overall this blaster is a pretty good stock blaster that is altogether a little better than a Nite Finder or any other single shot spring pistol.  A couple basic mods can get ranges up into the 50's with 5 minutes of work.  I'm not saying this is way better than any other gun, but it is another, more unique option for your basic pistol.


  1. Didn't remove the AR's/Barrel posts? And you should come to NM&R's to get your blog more out there :D

  2. Actually, I didn't :) It was glued in and it's pretty quiet with it in. I could have taken it out, but whatever. I have plenty of other blasters that I've modded more intensely anyway.

    I do appreciate the suggestion btw. I am kinda antisocial by interwebz standards I guess, but I did actually try to join Universal Nerf when they came out.

    The problem was that my email isn't dedicated just to Nerf stuff and the moderators were very against me submitting entries by other methods. I would definitely like to get out there more but haven't really found the opportunity.

    Tldr: I am interested in posting to NM&R and would appreciate suggestions on how to do so without using my email. Please reply :)

    1. Ok i'm way late but i'm replying :P

      Just submit to NM&R, they don't give out your email.