Water Warriors Steady Stream Review

     My review on the Water Warriors Steady Stream.

     The Steady Stream seems at first like the stereotypical pump and shoot triggerless water blaster.  However, it does this simple job deceptively well and has a neat feature that helps push it above the rest.
     Output: It is a pump and shoot, so output is not really measurable.  However, it is pretty decent and is a touch better than most other blasters at this price point.
     Capacity:  The capacity is pretty good for a mid sized blaster like this.  The reservoir design is good and maximizes capacity while keeping the firing pattern reliable and using all of the water.
     Comfort:  The Steady Stream is pretty comfortable.  The handle is a good size, unlike many Water Warriors blasters, and the pump is the right size and moves very smoothly with a perfect amount of resistance.
     Gimmicks:  The problem many modern blasters suffer from is they move away from performance and lean towards gimmicks.  This one does not share that problem.  It is very simple with only one feature that gives the Steady Stream its name: a pressure chamber that adds a delay to your firing, continuing the stream for a moment after you stop pumping.  This means that you can produce a steady stream from a pump and shoot blaster.
     Value:  This is yet another area the Steady Stream excels in: price point.  It is available for between $7 and $10.  That is a great deal for this basic yet effective blaster.
     Overall:  I highly recommend this blaster for being simple yet effective, durable, accessible and inexpensive, too.  It doesn't really have any features that make you say "wow" like a CPS 2000, but it is a great overall blaster that will never let you down.

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  1. This is a really bad looking blaster, but not bad for 10 bucks.