Pocket Blasters

     There are a number of options to go to when you want a backup blaster to hide away in case of emergency, or just for fun.  The release of the Jolt may make many obsolete, but that doesn't mean in any way that they aren't worth checking out, at least for fun.

  • The Secret Strike

     The Secret Strike is well known and for a long time was the only decent backup blaster.  It is extremely compact and has a button rather than a trigger.  The downsides are that it is rather weak and it takes 7+ pumps for one shot.

  • The Jolt

     The Jolt is easily the best pocket blaster to date.  It is very compact and durable, and gets ranges of 30 - 40 feet flat.  For a full size primary those would be good ranges.  For a stock backup pistol, that level of power is outstanding.  It isn't that comfortable and can't really be modified, but it doesn't need it.  The Jolt is awesome.

  • Reflex / Eliminator
     The Eliminator solves the Secret Strike's problem of slow reloading, but barely fixes the low ranges and is several times as bulky.  Mod potential is better than the Jolt, but that's about all it has over the others.

  • Tek 3
     The Tek 3 is Buzz Bee's solution to the backup blaster.  It is quite compact, better than the Reflex, but not as good as the Secret Strike.  However, the most unique and most obvious advantage is that it holds 3 shots rather than one.  Wouldn't that alone put it above the rest?  Unfortunately, it has several disadvantages that rather negate the major advantage.  One, ranges are a measly 15 feet.  The other problem is that some models have problems with tearing holes in the sides of darts.  This is because the pegs have odd pointy shapes on the end and because air is let out through the pegs inside the darts rather than behind them.  The darts are often split down the side and unusable.  This might be countered by removing the pegs in the barrels or replacing them altogether.  A PETG'd Tek 3 probably has the potential to be an amazing backup.

  • Pistol Secret Strike
     Now this one isn't a review, it's actually a mod I did on one of my Secret Strikes just for fun.  It actually performs pretty badly but is cool regardless.  It is more comfortable to hold and is more like a pistol with the button as the trigger.

     Here's how I modded it.  I took off the shell, cut away all but 1/2" of the barrel and ran some leftover tubing from a Hornet to a CPVC barrel on top.  Ta-da.

     Performance, as previously mentioned, is worthless.  Ranges depend on dart fit, how far the dart is in the barrel, and how hard the later pumps were.  If you pull out the pump and hit it back in quickly it will allow higher pressures and better performance.  Typically ranges are 10 - 30 feet, but by hitting the pump back in as quickly as possible I have achieved ranges in the high 40's.

     I did notice, however, that there are multiple generations of Secret Strike.  The ones with the orange tank hold more volume, pressure, and perform much better overall.  This mod was done with one with a smaller white tank.  They reach max pressure at many less pumps and perform a lot worse overall.

     Keep in mind this mod really was done as more of a "what if" experiment, not really something effective.  I'd recommend passing on the Secret Strike altogether.  With the Jolt out it's really a no-brainer if you are looking for a blaster that is actually useful.  If you are looking for more of a challenge you should try rebarreling a Tek 3.  It will be more work but will probably be more rewarding overall.

     Overall, if you are looking for a pocket blaster, the Jolt has it all.  That doesn't mean the others are worthless, particularly if you are looking for a modding challenge like a Tiny Tim (Rebarreled Hornet tank in a Reflex) or a rebarreled Tek 3, but there are a lot of options out there and few can compete with the Jolt.

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