Quick 16 Review

     All right, I don't actually own this blaster, so I'll try to make this review Quick...

     Puns aside, this blaster is a mixed bag to say the least.  I'll break up this review into build and performance.

     All of the 2011 Dart Tag line are built excellently.  The plastic is very solid and smooth and feels remarkably durable for the price.  It also only cost around $20 so it seems like a great value.

     The Quick 16 is also very chunky.  Especially compared to the slimmer N-Strike line, the body is very wide.  I don't like it very much, but it does feel substantial at least.

     The only real moving external parts are the trigger and priming handle.  The trigger is very nice and glides in it's track.  The priming handle is choppy and rough and feels like you have to fight against all the safeties.  More on that in performance.

     This is where everything went downhill.  Although build is good and value is also very good, it isn't worth it with performance considered.

     Ranges aren't terrible, and it can shoot a fairly good distance sometimes.  The problem is that the range for most shots is about zero feet.

     Reliability is about nonexistent here.  This makes you want to name your crummy Maverick Old Reliable.  It's that bad.  The mechanism is a very nice design and you can tell they put a huge amount of time into designing the complex internals, but they just don't work like they should in theory.

       You'll be pretty lucky if you can get half of the shots to actually fire.  Sometimes they won't be seated right in the barrel and just fall out.  Sometimes darts will get stuck in the dart door.  Sometimes the feed will advance two shots at once.  Maybe then you'll prime it again, despite the immense resistance, and get another dart in.  And due to the enclosed nature you'll hardly be able to extract the shredded dart afterwards anyway.

     Maybe this was just a defective model, or maybe something in a batch was messed up, but this could be a unique case.  I'd like to hear from your experiences, whether you own one or have used one: was it this bad?


The Bottom Line
     Good build
     Decent price
     Nice looks
     Decent capacity
     Makes you appreciate your Maverick more

     Slow reload
     Poor ranges
     Doesn't shoot most of the time

Summary:  If you want to use this as a shell, take out internal parts, or have a blaster that doesn't shoot, get it.  On the other hand, if you actually want something that works, I'd have to say pass.

Overall Score:  **

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