Overloaded Big Bad Bow

     Custom mod featuring... a lot.

    It started out as a Big Bad Bow, but in the end it's really a whole lot of stuff with a Big Bad Bow holding it together.

    The base is a BBB with the deadspace removed and a CPVC barrel.  I don't have exact ranges but I'm going to estimate their in the 50's to 60's.  With a short barrel that can accept any type of dart, that's pretty good.

     Accuracy is excellent with suction darts and taggers.  Streamlines are naturally inaccurate, so no surprise there.

     On the top is a tactical rail from the Vulcan.  It can take flashlights or scopes (useless), but it's most practical ability is to be able to accept my party popper grenade attachment.  There is a rail on my Berserker for the same reason.

     On one side I added a tactical rail attachment.  Any Nite Finder, Mav, Barricade, or other small Nerf blaster can be attached, though not always practical.  I find it most fun to attach it to a blaster bigger than itself, turning the Big Bad Monstrosity into a tactical attachment.

     Right above that I attached ammo holders for 6 darts.  Given that the main blaster, side blaster, and potentially the other side blaster are single shot blasters, ammo holders are extremely helpful.

     The most fun and unique attachment is the small but powerful blaster on the left side.  It is a Secret Strike with a Hornet tank, or maybe a Hornet tank with a Secret Strike pump attached, depends on how you see it. I added a CPVC coupler for comfort on the pump and it is overall surprisingly durable.  Due to the pump being so small, it can take over 30 pumps to fill the tank.  Utterly impractical because of that, but still a nice surprise attack or last resort.  Ranges are actually better than the Big Bad Bow, so it is pretty powerful.

     Overall this blaster was really fun to make and use, if not the most practical.  I was considering replacing the foregrip with a Nite Finder, something that would make it even more ridiculous and impractical.  Who needs 4 single shot blasters in one?  It's not useful but it's a unique, clean mod and it's still one of my favorites.

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