Pump Action Shotgun Mods

     The PAS has an incredibly simple design and is essentially an overpowered Nite-Finder.  But that being said, it does its job very well.
     The mods I did to this were, for the most part, nothing new, but were effective in transforming this from a weak foam ball shooter to a versatile and powerful dart blaster.

     The mods are as follows:
  • 1/2" PVC coupler
  • Deadspace removal
  • Trigger reinforcement
  • Trigger catch spring upgrade
  • Spring pre-compression
  • Custom ghetto scope
     Basically, I filled the space in front of the plunger tube with foam and glue and added a coupler.  You could stop there, and be fine, but I also upgraded the trigger's catch spring for reliability and reinforced it for longevity.  I put (something, I really can't remember...) behind the spring for some pre-compression to give it a bit more power as well.

    The only "creative" thing I did was add a scope to it.  You'll now understand why I called it "ghetto".  I took apart the lenses from some little survival binoculars thing and encased them in a toilet paper roll covered in duct tape.  Surprisingly, it works pretty well :)

     The scope magnifies about 2.5x and doesn't do too much other than add to the "sniper" look.  Now, there really is no such thing as a sniper in Nerf, but this is pretty much as close as you can get.  With a CPVC breech and stefans it gets great accuracy and ranges of up to 100'.

     My favorite attachment actually is the triple shot.  It shoots three darts about 30' with little spread and makes it feel more like a shotgun than sniper, and it's a whole lot of fun.

     Overall these mods were simple enough, but all turned out great.  This blaster is like the spring powered version of the Titan; slow, but powerful and versatile.  Even the slow RoF can be countered with the use of a hopper or RSCB.  If possible, I'd recommend getting this blaster to anyone with a bit of modding know-how.

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