Repaints, repaints, repaints, repaints, repaints, repaints, repaints, repaints, repaints, repaints, repaints!


A picture from Nerf Mods and Reviews showing nearly all repaints of the Nite-Finder

     The number of times I wrote repaints in the title is the number of repainted Nite-Finders Nerf has released so far.  Excessive?  I think so.  I'm writing this partly out of annoyance and partly out of confusion.  Most of all I want to know why.


Modding tools and materials

     What do you need to be able to modify foam dart shooting blasters?  What are the necessary tools that you will need to be able to do mods?  What materials will you need to purchase?  It's hard to say, but here's my breakdown on the topic.


My interchangeable 1/2" PVC barrel attachments

     My many interchangeable barrel attachments.  Every one of them works on a blaster with a 1/2" PVC coupler on the end.  They are best on airguns.  Some examples of ones I have modded that work well for this are the Titan, Berserker, Mega Missile, and PAS (Pump action shotgun).  More pictures and descriptions after the jump.


Nerf Dart Tag FuryFire Review

     The Dart Tag FuryFire.  A decent fast firing pump action blaster.

     If the DT FuryFire were to be related to any other blaster, it would be the big brother of the Maverick.  It is pretty easy to see why.  However, it improves on the Maverick in many ways that make it a blaster in its own right.


Water Warriors Stingray Review

     The Water Warriors Stingray is a decent water pistol.  I have mixed opinions on water pistols.  I don't really think they are that effective because with water blasters, bigger is better.


Nerf Maverick Mods

     My modifications to the Nerf Maverick.  Some old, some new, all good.


Nerf Maverick Review

    My take on the most popular Nerf blaster of all time.  Does it deserve the title?  Maybe.


Nerf Alpha Trooper Review

     The first time I ever saw the Alpha Trooper was a pre-release photo.  It's strange appearance and mini drum intrigued me.  After it was released, I found out how it was a Recon clone with a reverse plunger and my expectations dropped.  I decided against getting one.  Then my brother bought one and completely changed my mind.