Repaints, repaints, repaints, repaints, repaints, repaints, repaints, repaints, repaints, repaints, repaints!


A picture from Nerf Mods and Reviews showing nearly all repaints of the Nite-Finder

     The number of times I wrote repaints in the title is the number of repainted Nite-Finders Nerf has released so far.  Excessive?  I think so.  I'm writing this partly out of annoyance and partly out of confusion.  Most of all I want to know why.

     Eleven Nitefinders.  Why does Nerf do this?  It wasn't that bad, but think about how much better the last two years would be if they made more new blasters instead of repainting the same blasters.  First came the clear series, which actually wasn't a bad idea.  It was kind of cool to be able to see exactly how your blaster works without disassembling it and they looked neat.  Next came the Sonic Series.  This series probably took the most heat, but it deserved it.  They just came out with the clear series, now they made them tinted an ugly green.  Not long afterwards, they released the Gear Up series.  They actually looked decent, orange isn't my favorite color, but the stripes were kind of cool.  Finally, the Whiteout.  I like the Whiteout Series best because they are good looking and interesting, and from some tests, get the best range.

     Besides those direct repaints, take a look at the Recon.  It is a fairly popular blaster, and would have been fine if they had left it as that, or maybe just made one similar improved model.  However, they made the Recon, the Raider, the Deploy, the Longstrike, and the Alpha Trooper, and all were based off the exact same system.  They were all the same internals reshelled with tiny differences.  The Raider is a Recon in a different shell with slamfire, a large drum, but even worse ranges.  The Deploy is a Recon with no differences except that it deploys as a gimmick.  The Longstrike looks really cool but is no better than the Recon, not even in ranges.  Finally, the Alpha Trooper is the only reshell that is actually a major improvement.  It is compact, has a shotgun grip and slamfire, an 18 round drum that has high capacity while being much more compact than the 35 round drum.  It also is extremely reliable and gets better than average ranges.

     That's four color remakes, not even counting the Crimson Strike released a couple years back or the countless Dart Tag, Iron Man, Transformers, or individual blue to yellow color changes, as well as five different Recons.  Maybe Nerf did this to release something knew while they still were building hype for the new Dart Tag and Vortex.  I want to know why so many people buy the blasters again just because it's a new paint scheme.  What's your opinion?  Have you had enough of the same repainted blasters?

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  1. I guess people buy them because they look cool, and yes I have had enough because if Nerf was really smart they wouldn't be thinking of countless ways to repaint the same blaster over and over and over again when they could be doing something productive like making more new blasters.