Nerf Alpha Trooper Review

     The first time I ever saw the Alpha Trooper was a pre-release photo.  It's strange appearance and mini drum intrigued me.  After it was released, I found out how it was a Recon clone with a reverse plunger and my expectations dropped.  I decided against getting one.  Then my brother bought one and completely changed my mind.

     The first time I used an Alpha Trooper made me rethink my opinions on reverse plunger blasters.  Its performance and functionality astounded me for a $20 reverse plunger Recon clone.
     Performance:  The performance on this blaster is quite likely the best part.  It's accuracy, like any blaster using Streamline darts is not very good, but it's good enough to hit a 1' x 1' box every time at 15 or 20 feet.  The best parts are the good power, good capacity, and good RoF (rate of fire)  It has slam fire, so you could get off 3 or 4 rounds a second, and could outfire an automatic like the Vulcan or Stampede.  The power is a little bit above the average, around 35 feet tops.  The capacity is an 18 round drum, which is equal to Stampede clips and the best aside from the massive Raider drum.
     Mods:  I don't like modifying reverse-plunger blasters, as they are pretty complex.  However, on one of my AT's I performed some simple light performance enhancing mods.  I put a bit of hot glue on the back of the spring for max compression, and removed the rear plunger casing to allow more airflow to fill in the area when the plunger snaps forward.  These very easy mods, which required no materials except for a screwdriver and hot glue, boosted the performance from 35' to 42' in range.  Not much, but only a little work for a 20% power increase.
          Good power
          Good capacity
          Good RoF
          Good value
          Only takes Streamline darts
          Kind of inaccurate
          Not the easiest to modify
          No "reloading on the go"

     Overall:  Overall, I recommend the Alpha Trooper to any fans of the CS series or anyone who wants a good primary blaster for a good price.

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