Berserker Mods

     The Berserker is a great all-purpose primary for a low price.  But modded, it can be so much more effective.  My mods increase range to 50' and give it capability to use any 1/2" PVC barrel attachment.

     The biggest part of this mod was replacing all 20 barrels with CPVC to increase the range.  Did it work?  Well, it increased the range from 25' stock to 50' with them, so I'd say it definitely did.  It also can now take any type of dart.

     Downsides?  The added resistance from the CPVC slows down reloading a bit and it was a ton of work.  It took me probably 2-3 hours to cut all the CPVC, cut off the original barrels, cut off the barrel spacer, drill out the holes in the barrel spacer, line up the barrels, and glue them all in.  It was a huge pain to mod.

     The other part of the mod is much simpler and almost a necessity for a good Berserker.  I cut out the center barrel and glued on a 1/2" PVC coupler so it can take any barrel attachment.  Want a "sniper" barrel? Sure.  Want a shotgun? Why not.  Want to put on a barrel that fits rockets so you can fire the stock missiles for fun?  Go ahead.  It's great, really.

     The Berserker combines the 20 round turret firepower of the Swarmfire with the raw power of the Big Blast for half the price.  For anyone interested in a powerful adaptable primary, you can't go wrong with the Berserker.


  1. Quote:
    "My mods increase range to 50'."

    To restate; 50 feet average (flat) range for the turret.

    Plenty for me since its effective range is actually only a little less.

    With streamline dart shooting blasters the darts curve drastically whatever the max range is.

    I generally use Buzz Bee darts for it since they are cheap, accurate , and consistent. It can take any dart (including Stefans) when modded though.

  2. No no, the pump part of the gun.

  3. Okay, I considered the main gun to be the turret because that's what I primarily use.

    It has a decently large air tank, though size actually depends on what generation Berserker you have. I have an earlier one but not the very first, which had a Big Blast tank.

    Ranges depend on the barrel and dart. I don't really care about having ranges over ~60' most of the time (I'd prefer to rush than hang back and take potshots) but this is certainly capable of long ranges.

    My favorite attachment for the center is a simple tri-barrel, which gets 40'. The seven shot just looks intimidating as **** with all that CPVC pointed at you. Ranges for that are more like 25'.

    If you're looking for maximum possible range, with a long CPVC or brass barrel and heavy stefans, range could almost definitely exceed 100', maybe even 120' but I haven't tested.

    Just figure ranges for a Big Blast minus a little, depending on how old the Berserker in question is.