Tek 6 Paintjob

     While the Tek 6 is a pretty good blaster performance wise, it's not very pretty to say the least.  So I changed that.  'Nuff said, lots more pictures after the break.

     I took it apart and spray painted the shell dark blue for about 3 coats, let it dry, and painted the rest with a paintbrush.  I probably should have given it a clear coat, I'd recommend that for any blaster you would use even in light battle.


  1. (I couldn't find a single post that isn't otherwise blasters, so I just picked the first one.) I do have to agree with you on quality. I do, every once in a while, go back and improve my posts. However, since I'm still in school, Middle school- I'm young, (Automatic explanation for no photos or graphics.) I have much to learn about quality of writing. As of now, I'd be better off with quantity. I often explain it well to myself, but not to others. After all, I do have a C in Language Arts... as of the blog was to improve my grade and get me free Nerf blasters. :)

    1. Wait wait wait... I never got free Nerf blasters :(

  2. I just deleted all my excuses posts... I like how you're not posting anything off-topic at all.

  3. Well I'm glad you appreciated my advice and took the message to heart. I started this blog in middle school so I don't think that's much of an excuse in any case (and figured out how to do photos myself). Anyway, I think off topic posts are okay if what you're going for is a casual chat atmosphere, and leaks and opinions are good if you want to be a Nerf news forecast, but I like keeping all my posts regular and meaningful.

    tldr: To each his own, so if you want a news and opinion blog you're good :) Hope this helps, happy blogging.