Berserker Mods

     The Berserker is a great all-purpose primary for a low price.  But modded, it can be so much more effective.  My mods increase range to 50' and give it capability to use any 1/2" PVC barrel attachment.



Just a heads up on some updates:

     I'm working on adding the Bottom Line to all my reviews, there's a lot so it'll take some time

     I edited the links page.  If you have a blog you want me to add leave a comment.

     I updated the Navigation page.  It now has everything up to date (finally).

     I'm taking out Airsoft related posts and links and moving all that over to my new blog AirsoftReviewsandMore.


The Bottom Line

     I've decided to add a new section to all my review posts called the Bottom Line.  The purpose is to provide a standardized summary for all my reviews that allows all readers to summarize all my ramblings into a concise approximation (getting carried away with the vocabulary again) of a blasters abilities and value.


Tek 6 Paintjob

     While the Tek 6 is a pretty good blaster performance wise, it's not very pretty to say the least.  So I changed that.  'Nuff said, lots more pictures after the break.