Big Salvo Review and Mod

     The Big Salvo is a rare blaster and may be hard to find, but is worth it if you can find it.

Stock blaster
     Stock, the Big Salvo is without a doubt, the best missile shooting blaster there is.  Four semi-automatic rockets just can't be beat.

  Stock, it shoots 30 - 40 feet.  Given that it is shooting missiles, that's not bad.

  It shoots missiles, so it is pretty much guaranteed to be inaccurate.  However, it is more accurate than most missile shooting blasters.

     RoF and reloading
  The RoF is semi-auto and can be a salvo too.  That is pretty much the fastest any blaster can fire, but it is only four shots.  Reloading is great for an airgun, just stick on 4 missiles, pump 10 times and fire.  10 pumps for 4 shots is a great ratio for this kind of power.


     Not only is this an excellent stock blaster, it has lots of easy mods too!  Although I do have at least 300 homemade stefan darts, I prefer to use stock ammo and therefore almost all of my blasters at least have the capability to fire stock darts.  I simply used a hacksaw to cut off the tip where there is a vent to prevent the user from sticking objects (read: darts) into the barrel.  Then I cut 4 pieces of CPVC to the length of the barrels and glued them in.  Presto, 4 semi-auto shots and 50 foot ranges with any type of dart.  You don't even need to unscrew it.  I love this blaster.


The Bottom Line

     Fast reload
     Easy mods
     Good ranges
     Super fast firing

     Hard to find

Summary:  I highly recommend the Salvo.  It is not very common and is under appreciated in my opinion.  If you can find it, buy it.  Four rapid fire long range shots with fast reload time is simply outstanding for any Nerf blaster.

Overall Score:  *****


  1. Oh yeah, I like this mod because it can now fire stock darts and still shoot the missiles with even better range.

  2. I did the same mod. Its great for wars indoors and outdoors!