Super Soaker XP 95 Review

     The Super Soaker XP is a very old water blaster from 1995.  I'm impressed that it still works.

     Super Soakers nowadays are terrible.  They look nice, are comfortable, and well built, but perform awfully.  They output very little water with very little power.  When I had a chance to get an XP blaster from the second age of Super Soaker, I was excited.

     This particular blaster has no outstanding features or performance like the CPS 2000, and in its time was just an average blaster.  However, I was excited anyway to see what Soakers used to be like.

     Compared to 2008 to present Soakers, performance is pretty good.  It doesn't have a huge burst or spray or anything special, just a decent stream.  In it's time, it was an average stream size, like 1x.  Now it's pretty good.

     Unlike most others, this blaster has had to stand the test of time.  So how did it do?  Pretty well for being nearly 17 years old.  Everything works pretty well.  The only thing not working as it should is either the pump's seal or check valve, which means that when you pump it, the pump will try to push back out again to let air escape and you will have to hold the pump in against the air pressure until you shoot.  Pity, because otherwise it's fine.

     The water tank is the large green oval at the back.  To refill it, you give it a half twist, fill it with water and put it back on with a half twist.  The capacity is pretty good and will last you long enough for its output and pressure chamber size.

Overall, it is pretty good.  It isn't anything spectacular but is decent overall.  Nowadays it's really only useful for collecting or just seeing what blasters used to be like.  It's interesting, but not really anything special.

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  1. Nice review. I'm getting one of these for $10 at a water war this fall.