Jolt IX-1 Review

     According to Nerf Mods and Reviews, the Nerf Jolt is the best blaster of 2011.  Does it deserve the title?  Possibly.  Read on to find out why.

     The Jolt is, without a doubt, the best stock pocket / backup Nerf blaster ever made.  Here's why:

  • It is one of, if not the, smallest blaster ever made
  • It is very simple and inexpensive
  • It is extremely durable
  • It has outstanding ranges of 30-40 feet stock
  • It can take any type of dart, even Buzz Bee and Streamlines
     Something this good must have some downsides right?  Well, sort of.
  • It is rather uncomfortable
  • It has very little mod potential
Pictured with a modified Secret Strike found here

    Other than not really being able to be modded, the Jolt is basically perfect.  I have a hard time deciding whether the Jolt or the Swarmfire deserves to be the best blaster of 2011.  If going off which fits its job best, the Jolt would absolutely win.  It easily knocks out every other pocket blaster I have ever used.  However, fitting the role of an all-round primary is much more difficult to do, and even though the Swarmfire isn't perfect, it does its job really well.

The Bottom Line


     Little mod potential
     Not the most comfortable

Summary:   If you are thinking about getting the Jolt, do it.  If you aren't thinking about it, you should be.  If you want a good backup blaster, get it.  If you already have one, congrats.

Overall Score:  *****


  1. Where did you get your jolt because I couldn't find one at my local stores.

  2. Santa ;)

    I've heard they're in most Kmarts, but I haven't been there to confirm it.

    I have seen it at ToysRus, but it was a little overpriced.

    I don't know if my Target has them in stock yet and I haven't heard about availability there.

    However, the official release wasn't long ago so they should start appearing much more in all stores.

  3. In Aussie Big Ws for $4! Got one.