Some new old pics!

Singled CPVC Longshot

Mega Missile air tank integrated into a Recon shell

It's probably clear by now that I haven't done anything with this blog in forever.  Sorry I disappointed all my loyal fans, I know you were upset ;)

Anyway, I found a bunch of pictures of blasters, modded and unmodded, that I never got around to doing a full writeup for and decided to share them anyway.


CPVC Pistolsplat before further modding

Sorry that the rest of the pictures are all sideways, Blogger is messing with me now.  Consider it your neck exercise for the day!

Couplered Titan, before later improvements

A singled Maverick, this one has character and a story behind it :P

Nerf Barrel Break.  Stock as far as I know.

The Lanard Big Salvo.  $15 on eBay well spent :)

CPVC Quadshot.  It was intimidating, but reloaded oh so slow.

CPVC Tek 6.  Only ~10 ft range increase from stock.

Buzz Bee Hunter

AR'd Nerf Hyperfire

Coupler'd Mega Missile

CPVC Minimized Nite Finder

 Feel free to ask questions in the comments section if you want to know about any of them in particular, even though I don't have them anymore, I can still remember a thing or two :P

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