My interchangeable 1/2" PVC barrel attachments

     My many interchangeable barrel attachments.  Every one of them works on a blaster with a 1/2" PVC coupler on the end.  They are best on airguns.  Some examples of ones I have modded that work well for this are the Titan, Berserker, Mega Missile, and PAS (Pump action shotgun).  More pictures and descriptions after the jump.

     The attachments in the top picture from left to right are:
  • Short Barrel
  • Medium Barrel
  • Long Barrel
  • Triple Shot
  • Seven Shot Absolver
  • Super Epic Breech
  • Jumbo dart/small rocket barrel
  • BBB/Big Salvo rocket barrel
  • Blowgun-esque accuracy barrel
 My Super Epic breech close up

     Short medium and long barrels are simply 3 different length barrels of 1/2" CPVC with 1/2" PVC stubs on the end.  The triple shot reliably shoots three shots a decent distance depending on the blaster it is attached to.  The Absolved barrel is a lot less reliable and doesn't shoot as far but it's pretty cool to shoot seven shots at a time.  My Super Epic Breach is my favorite barrel.  It is heavily sanded 1/2" CPVC inside of 1/2" PVC.  It has a notch cut with a Dremel that locks the barrel into place.  It also has my favorite silencer on it, although it is removable.  The jumbo dart barrel is made of 3/4" CPVC and shoots certain oddly sized darts.  The BBB/Big Salvo rocket barrel shoots rockets from the BBB and Big Salvo surprisingly well.  And the final one is a long barrel intended to shoot taggers from my Titan, essentially turning it into a sniper.  It didn't really work out as well as I hoped, and it might just be that I used bad PVC, but it is very unreliable so it doesn't see much use.
     These are four attachments I made in the name of science and I would readily consider failures.
  • Double shot attachment
  • Buzz Bee shell attachment
  • Airsoft barrel
  • Toilet paper roll silencer
     The double shot attachment is poorly made, leaky and wimpy.  The Buzz Bee shell attachment effectively reduces ranges on any blaster to about thirty feet - in other words, stock ranges.  It makes it super silent though : ).  The Airsoft barrel compresses air from 1/2" PVC coupler to 1/2" PVC to 1/2" CPVC to 6 millimeters.  No wonder the whole barrel assembly just shoots off the front of the blaster.  The toilet paper roll silencer was just made to satisfy my curiosity, with interesting results.  I found that the foam disks from a certain dollar store disk shooter fit perfectly inside a toilet paper roll and perfectly over 1/2" CPVC.  It's a failure as a silencer because it actually makes the blaster louder!  I could barely believe it.  It also changes the sound to more of a POP and less of a WHOOSH.

      I have tried several times to perfect a Nerf silencer just for fun.  Making one that would effectively silence a Nerf blaster was only part of the goal.  Mostly, they are just for cosmetic purposes.  From left to right
  • A 3/4" CPVC silencer with small holes drilled in straight lines.  Not compatible with most barrels, no silencing, low misfire rate
  • A very short 1/2" PVC silencer with 8 large holes drilled straight into it.  Some silencing, medium misfire rate.
  • A medium length 1/2" PVC silencer with medium holes drilled all over.  Some silencing, medium high misfire rate
  • A large silencer with a short section of 1/2" PVC and a long section of 3/4" PVC.  Little silencing, medium misfire rate
  • A large 3/4" PVC silencer with stubs of 1/2" PVC to make it compatible with all barrels.  Little silencing, very low misfire rate, super cool.
     Here I have two other attachments, a hopper and ball valve.  The hopper is homemade from a 45 degree elbow and a 1/2" PVC stub.  It is decently reliable and the amount of darts that it can hold depends on the length of the PVC tube attached to it.  The ball valve isn't an attachment on it's own but can be used in tandem with a hopper or RSCB to reload better.

     Here is a close up of my two (functional) multi shot attachments.  The triple shot can shoot 3 darts about 45 feet on my Titan or about 35 feet on my PAS.  They group pretty evenly and it can be reloaded decently fast.  The seven shot only works well on the Titan and old style Berserker (older models had larger air tanks) On both of them shots go around 25 feet with a lot less consistency than with the triple shot.  Reloads are painstaking because both attachments were made at different times with different batches of PVC and the PVC on the absolver is really tight.  On the Titan and Berserker it will usually fire all of the darts, sometimes only five or six, though.

     So there you have all of my attachments.  I will list them one more time all together in order of effectiveness.
  • Long barrel
  • Triple shot
  • Super Epic breach
  • BBB rocket barrel
  • Short barrel
  • Medium barrel
  • Absolver
  • Jumbo dart barrel
  • Hopper clip
  • Blowgun type barrel
  • Double shot
  • BB shell
  • Airsoft barrel
Final words on attachments:  If you are going to make half as many as I have, you definitely want to make sure they are all compatible.  I recommend 1/2" PVC.  1/2" CPVC will work well for plain CPVC barrels but will allow you to experiment less.  Have fun and be creative.

Hope you enjoyed my review and work here!  This has been one of the most popular posts on my blog and I owe it to you viewers!

I'm no longer working on this blog but I'm leaving it up as a reference - I've merged all content from this blog and two others, as well as all my new content, to <<my new blog>> and it would be awesome if you'd check it out there too!  You guys rock, enjoy the free wisdom and stuff. 

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