Nerf Dart Tag FuryFire Review

     The Dart Tag FuryFire.  A decent fast firing pump action blaster.

     If the DT FuryFire were to be related to any other blaster, it would be the big brother of the Maverick.  It is pretty easy to see why.  However, it improves on the Maverick in many ways that make it a blaster in its own right.

     First, the good news.  It holds ten darts, which is just about average when compared to most Nerf blasters.  It is capable of firing quite fast, though not as fast as something with slamfire.  It is fairly compact and lightweight overall.  And most of all, it does not have the same fatal weakness as the Maverick - reliability.  This blaster is quite reliable, and jams can only be expected from bad darts or operator error.

     Now, on to the bad news.  Reloading isn't all that fast, as it doesn't have an open front like the HyperFire and doesn't have a swing out chamber like the Maverick.  The main downfall of this blaster is low power.  The Furyfire's shots go around 20 feet average.  Some shots fell around 15 and some went nearly 30, but most stayed right around 20 feet.  That's definitely not good.  Fortunately, as it is intended to be a close quarters blaster, it isn't a problem so bad on its own to turn away someone planning on getting one.

          Fast firing
          Decent capacity
          Slow reloads

     All things considered, it's a decent blaster.  Nothing truly amazing, but it is simple and effective in close quarters.  However, in an outdoors battle or even a large indoor battle, the low range would be a big problem and you would need to surprise your opponents as they could hit you from double the maximum range of this blaster.  It would make a great secondary or a good light primary as well.  It isn't perfect by any means, but it's a good specialized blaster.  If it fits the situation, it's good.  If not, there are hundreds of other options out there.

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