Water Warriors Stingray Review

     The Water Warriors Stingray is a decent water pistol.  I have mixed opinions on water pistols.  I don't really think they are that effective because with water blasters, bigger is better.

     Water pistols just don't really compete with bigger blasters in capacity or output.  Their effectiveness is limited solely due to size.  With Airsoft or Nerf blasters, size isn't such an issue.  A Nite-Finder can be just as effective as a Longshot in some cases.  Anyway, back to the review.
     Performance:  Its output is pretty good compared to most water blasters of comparable sizes.  The capacity seems like it should be more because of the shape, and its alright.  The problem is a weird cap design.  The handle unscrews from the bottom revealing the reservoir.  While this does allow it to better fit in a sink, it means that sometimes water leaks all over your hand, which can get annoying.
     Build Quality:  It is not that comfortable, but it could be worse.  It seems sturdy and the pump is sturdy too.  There isn't much more to say about build quality, but it's not particularly good or bad.
          Decent output
          Decent size reservoir
          Pretty durable
          Good pump
          Strange reservoir cap design
          Pressurized reservoir

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