Nerf Maverick Review

    My take on the most popular Nerf blaster of all time.  Does it deserve the title?  Maybe.

     The Nerf Maverick is the bestselling blaster ever.  Why?  Because it's not too expensive, it doesn't take up too much space, it's easy to use, and you see it everywhere.  Why shouldn't it be?  It has poor range, fairly low capacity, reloads slowly, and is very unreliable.

     I generally can decide whether a blaster falls into one of two categories; worth it or not.  The Maverick is unusually hard to categorize.  So many people have such strong opinions on whether it is good or not.  In the past, I personally have leaned towards it being not worth it.  I prefer a good primary and don't really see as much use for a secondary, especially one as large as the Maverick, but one trait stands out to me as the dealbreaker; reliability.  The Maverick is notorious for being extremely unreliable, and this is why I don't like it.  The rotation mechanism just isn't precise enough and it is guaranteed that even target shooting, let alone in a battle, the chamber will align incorrectly at least once.  That is over 15% failure rate, which is certain unless you got a good Maverick or take extreme care pulling the trigger.

     If the Maverick was an exceptional blaster otherwise, the reliability could be overlooked.  However, it really isn't exceptional, it's just decent.  The other main negative is low range.  On average, a stock Maverick will shoot around 25 feet, 30 with a good dart.  It isn't much below the average, but the average is a little low already.

     Now, it may seem like I hate this blaster, but that's not the case.  The pros were why it was so popular in the first place.  The pro that makes the difference to me is how easy it is to modify.  You can make it cooler, reload faster, and shoot 15 feet farther with a screwdriver, a saw, some tape and 3 cents.  It's that easy.  Check back soon for my Maverick mods page.

          Easy to find and use
          Easy to modify
          Big for a pistol
          Low power

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